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  • Lily Posy

    Lily Posy

    From $45

    The graceful beauty of this posy is sure to make someone's cheeks rosy.

  • Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates

    From $64

    Send your warm wishes through this beautiful hand-arranged floral display.

  • Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    From $76

    With a bright splash of colour, this gift will surely bring positive vibes.

  • Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $80

    Let the blushing beauty of this arrangement capture your loved one's heart.

  • Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $80

    Fabulous floral gift as a special treat to someone who makes you smile.

  • Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    From $99

    Chic, stylish vase arrangement that can enhance the atmosphere of any room.

  • Natives With Free Vase

    Natives With Free Vase

    From $99

    Long-lasting wildflowers and Aussie natives that make a lasting impression.

  • Simply Stylish Special

    Simply Stylish Special

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    What a luxurious, contemporary hand-tied floral arrangement! This package features a colle...


Wollongong Florist | What Flowers To Send | Why Send Flowers

Types of Flowers to send with Lily's Florist Wollongong

Whether you are the giver of the flower present or the receiver, you sure know how it feels to see an arrangement of fresh, vivid blooms. It makes you smile, it lightens up your mood, it brightens your day, and it simply makes you feel good. Lily's Florist Wollongong is the most affordable online florist in Wollongong.

Gesture of Sending Flowers

The softness of petals, the richness of each bloom’s colour, and the dynamism of a blossomed bud undeniably send messages of good intention, adoration, and appreciation. No wonder flowers are generally accepted to have a positive influence on people. The gesture of sending or giving flowers is now a standard way of expressing our emotions of love, sincerity, and sympathy.

Flower presents can be given for almost all occasions, be it a happy event or a sorrowful period. Flowers can be given to express romantic love and platonic love. It can also be given to extend your sympathy and condolences for those who lost a loved one. Flowers also make a great present for those who have just brought a new life into the world.

Flowers can also be used for ornamental purposes and you can see blooms arranged in boxes or vases and displayed in hospitals, business offices, shops and restaurants. It seems that the language of flowers knows no bounds.

Perhaps it is indeed true that flowers make people feel good. It would not be used to express thoughts and feelings if it sends the wrong signals and make people feel miserable. Confirming the theory that flowers make people happy is the study done by Dutch researchers from Wageningen University in 2009. Flowers were found to create a pleasant atmosphere and promote a positive ambience. The experiment involved participants who were grouped into four and classified into four rooms. All rooms are identical except for the flower decors. The participants were then asked to take a photo evaluation test. After a week, the same groups of participants were asked to come back and do a memory test. In depth interview of randomly selected subjects was also done.

The result of the experiment shows that people in the room with flowers tend to be warmer and more cheerful than those who are in the room without flowers. People in the room with flowers appeared to be less tensed and less shy, and they look more at ease and comfortable in the room with flowers compared to the people in the room without.

The study shows that the sight of flowers can influence one’s perception and mood. What more when flowers are given by a special someone, right?

So when you want to express your love, show your admiration, or maybe just to acknowledge someone’s delightful presence, go ahead and send her flowers.

Why Send Flowers

Just by sending something to someone already means that you are thinking about that person. So whether you give a card, a balloon, a nice present, or a bunch of flowers, it already conveys the idea that the person is important for you to remember and for you to want to make her smile. But compared to other presents, flowers have that special appeal to it. Maybe because of its natural charm or maybe because of the language it speaks.

There are thousands of flower varieties available and each one and each colour is believed to have a special message that it wants to convey. Through flowers, one can express his/her thoughts and feelings in the manner he/she is more comfortable with. Whether one wants to subtly express love or give a hint of admiration or someone wants to passionately express devotion and propose a lifetime of commitment, flowers can easily send the message across.

When one is too shy to speak about love, or is too busy to personally send a message, or maybe too far to give a joyous or a sympathetic hug, flowers can do the work for them. It is in the natural charisma of flowers that recipients can easily feel and understand the message of the giver. Mother Nature is indeed one clever lady that she has provided us with everything that we need to survive and thrive and so much more. 

Fifty of the Most Popular Flowers to Send

The total number of flowering plants in the world is still unknown but botanists and horticulturists from around the globe estimate it to be over 250,000. And out of that thousands of flower varieties, only a few are known to the common people. Take a look at our list and see what’s familiar to you and what other flower species you can include in your next flower gift.
  1. Hybrid Tea Rose. This is the image you see in your mind when somebody mentions a rose. The hybrid tea comes from a cross-breed of two types of roses and features more than 50 petals and a long, pointed bud. Hybrid tea roses are available in every colour that you can imagine.
  2. Grandiflora Ros. Another cross-breeding product, grandifloras are sturdy, long and large roses with petal cluster similar to hybrid tea roses. Their difference is that hybrid tea is more fragrant  and comes with a singular bloom per stem. Grandifloras are less scented and come in multiple blooms per stem.
  3. Carnations. Known as The Flowers of God, these Eurasian bloom comes in many lovely colours and is the perfect flower for Mother’s Day.
  4. Tulips. This famous spring flower is just a delight to see. It communicates love and dreaminess.
  5. Gerberas. The unfussy, straightforward yet cheery look of gerberas never fail to captivate the interest of both theflower giver and the receiver.
  6. Daisy. Bright and colourful and lovely, daisies are popular because of their simple yet striking beauty. They may look common but they will certainly capture your attention.
  7. Chrysanthemum. A flower that speaks volumes, chrysanthemums symbolise joy and optimism as well as love, truth and fidelity.
  8. Peony. The fragrant peony blossom is truly captivating. With its full, silky and sensuous cluster of petals, no wonder peony becomes a favorite of many brides.
  9. Lily. A simple bloom with refined beauty, lilies come in different vibrant colours and varieties. The regal beauty of lilies makes them the perfect flower of choice for a bouquet arrangement.
  10. Orchids. This decorative flower will remind you of the beauty of the paradise. Orchids are popular because of their message of bliss and ecstasy as well as sensuality.
  11. Iris. Named after the Greek goddess who is a messenger of love, this type of flower is so popular because of its elegant beauty. They come in a variety of kinds, colours and sizes.
  12. Sunflower. The classic beauty of sunflowers still enchants both the happy and the gloomy. A bunch of sunflowers can express not just joy and appreciation but also love and admiration.
  13. Daffodil. The flower of friendship, it comes in small to large sizes.
  14. Alstroemeria. The flower that symbolises devotion.
  15. Violet. Violets communicate modesty.
  16. Jasmine. With its unique fragrance, no wonder it became one of the most popular flowers in the world.
  17. Calla Lily. The trumpet-shaped Calla Lily speaks of elegance and sophistication.
  18. Lilac. The beautiful and very fragrant purple flowers of Lilac are indeed irresistible.
  19. Sweet Pea. Its sweet and charming look captivates everyone.
  20. Lisianthus. These are believed to be the flowers of those born under the zodiac Sagittarius.
  21. Hydrangea. One of the most beautiful flower species. Its dramatic cluster of flora looks simply stunning.
  22. Hibiscus. Known as the Queen of the Tropics, this large, flat, trumpet-shaped bloom has a pleasant fragrance and a simple yet captivating good looks.
  23. Hyacinth. This spring, fragrant flower comes in dense clusters and makes a nice Mother’s Day present.
  24. Magnolia. Comes in white, purple or pink magnificent blooms that speaks about love of nature and benevolence.
  25. Marigold. The sunny, happy look of the marigolds makes them a popular flower to send to people who need some sunshine in their life. The hopeful and cheerful look of this flower sends just the right amount of positivity.
  26. Zinnia. Perfect for indoor arrangements, zinnia flowers are bright and colourful enough to brighten any room.
  27. Freesia. Simple yet very fragrant.
  28. Black Eyed Susan. A native to North America, this cherished state flower will bring sunshine, and gladness into the recipient’s home.
  29. Crocus. Send some cheer and positivity by sending this graceful bloom from the Iris family.
  30. Gloriosa. A dramatic flower commonly used for weddings.
  31. Begonia. Perfect for flower baskets and arrangements, begonias’ full bloom is a reminder of life and all its beauty.
  32. Dahlia. A decorative bloom with ray-like petals that communicates elegance and eternal love.
  33. Gladioli. Its interesting flower spikes will certainly impress every recipient.
  34. Statice. An exotic flower that may be arranged by itself or used as a filler for flower mix arrangements.
  35. Poinsettia. The Christmas favourite, this bright coloured bloom is not just available in red but also in pink, lemon, cream, and peach.
  36. Snapdragon. The flower perfect for a gracious lady.
  37. Aster. These starlike flowers look best when surrounded by other larger blooms.
  38. Birds of Paradise. The unique flower shape of Birds of Paradise make it the perfect flower variety for the exceptional woman in your life.
  39. Anthurium. This thick and rigid flower simply exudes exotic beauty.
  40. Amaryllis. This exotic flower is available in reds, oranges, pink, and bi-coloured varieties.
  41. Ranunculus. This is the right flower to give to someone who dazzled you with her charm.
  42. Delphinium. Available in white, blue, pink and lilac colours, delphiniums are simply lovely. Their subtle beauty is just a delight to see.
  43. Gardenia. Another exotic flower, this very fragrant bloom is simply outstanding.
  44. Plumeria. Native to the tropical areas of the Pacific, the beauty of this bloom lures not just sphinx moths but also the men and women of the world.
  45. Camellia. Another state flower, this ornamental bloom looks rugged enough to suit any occasion but still attractive and elegant enough to be distinctive and extraordinary.
  46. Periwinkle. Another flower for friendship.
  47. Honeysuckle. Send a message of devotion and fidelity by sending a bouquet of this lovely bloom.
  48. Forget-Me-Not. The five-petal bloom that no one ever forgets.
  49. Heather. Colour ranges from red to purples to pinks and whites, and greens and greys and communicates admiration and well-wishes.
  50. Peach blossom. This moderately fragrant five-petal flower is th. e perfect flower to give to the lady who holds you captive.

Whatever flower variety you give, we assure you that it will be appreciated. Women identify themselves with flowers and when you send even just a small bouquet to the lady in your life, guaranteed that the other ladies who are with her in the room will notice the gift.

Tips When Sending Flowers

Now, from the list you can choose one that suits the recipient best. How do you that? Well, aside from identifying the recipient’s favourite flower, you can base your flower choice from the recipient’s favorite colour, or favorite fragrance.
If you wish to give a deeper meaning to your flower present, give one that is representative of your true feelings. Remember that the flower gift gesture is sweeter when you do it spontaneously. So don’t hesitate to send your lady some fresh flowers whenever you can. The surprise flowers signify that you are thinking of her and that you do not forget.

When selecting a flower to give, take your time and pick the one that suits the recipient best. Do not hesitate to ask the florist about the language a certain flower type communicates. Ask about colour meanings and the right flower species combination.
You can select an arrangement that contains just one flower variety and mix it with some lush foliage. you can also go monochromatic and select different flowers but of the same colour range. You can go for texture too and ask the help of the florist in mixing and matching flower varieties.

When giving flowers, do not be afraid to try something new and give something that is unique. There are many flower varieties aside from the rose and even the rose flower itself has different kinds. You will surely enjoy sending a bouquet that is different from what every man sends to his loved one.

Women love flowers. They see themselves in it. So when you give one, it will surely be well-received. And for those who are hesitant to give flowers as gift for fear of the recipient interpreting the gesture as a promise of commitment, relax. The women of today are wise enough to know that flowers symbolise appreciation and flower gifts do not necessarily mean commitment.

Send Flowers Through Lily’s Florist

So go ahead and purchase a flower for your loved one today. Lily’s Florist is here to help you pick the best one.
Offering you a collection of stunning flower arrangements, you are sure to find one that perfectly characterizes your feelings. If you want to be bold and personally choose the flowers for your arrangement, the expert local florists from Lily’s Florist would be pleased to help you.
The safe and secure website allows convenient shopping where you can safely place an order online or through phone.
So get a bunch or a grand box of flowers for your loved one now and let each bloom send some happiness and love towards her. 

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