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  • Lily Posy

    Lily Posy

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    The graceful beauty of this posy is sure to make someone's cheeks rosy.

  • Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates

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    Send your warm wishes through this beautiful hand-arranged floral display.

  • Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

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    With a bright splash of colour, this gift will surely bring positive vibes.

  • Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

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    Let the blushing beauty of this arrangement capture your loved one's heart.

  • Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

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    Fabulous floral gift as a special treat to someone who makes you smile.

  • Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    Bright Bunch With Free Vase

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    Chic, stylish vase arrangement that can enhance the atmosphere of any room.

  • Natives With Free Vase

    Natives With Free Vase

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    Long-lasting wildflowers and Aussie natives that make a lasting impression.

  • Simply Stylish Special

    Simply Stylish Special

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Valentine's Day Flowers With Lily's Florist Wollongong

Valentine’s Day: How It All Began

Observed on the 14th day of February, we celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine by showering our loved one with affection. Why is this so?
Saint Valentine was imprisoned because of performing weddings for young soldiers who were not allowed to marry. As a Roman Priest, he wanted to encourage people to marry within the Christian church. But at that time, Emperor Claudius II prohibited young men to marry because unmarried soldiers are more aggressive in battle compared to married ones who have family to think about. Valentine was caught secretly marrying soldiers and so he was tortured and imprisoned. Because of his stand for Christian marriage he was sentenced to execution. He died on the 14th day of February.

But before he died, he was able to heal the blind daughter of one of the men who judged him. Before his execution, he wrote her a letter and signed “from your Valentine.”
His martyrdom did not go unnoticed and up to this day we continue to honor his courage for bringing God into the center our romantic relationships. He is now known as the patron saint of lovers.

Around the World Celebration

Paper Valentines were first introduced in the market in early 19th century in England. Paper lace with decorations is commonly exchanged and this prompted the beginning of exchange of Valentine’s cards. Mass produced Valentine’s greeting cards became the popular choice of many and handwritten notes were no longer made. During the mid 19th century, more commercialized Valentine’s Day products such as chocolates, flowers, more cards, and other gifts invaded the U.S. market.
At the second half of the 20th century, cards became just a part of the Valentine’s Day gift. Chocolates and flowers as well as jewelry became the focal point of a Valentine’s Day gift. And when the World Wide Web became accessible to people around the world, digital cards called e-cards were used to send messages of love.

Citizens of the world celebrate this day of love in different manners. In Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia and other Latin American Countries, they call this day as Day of Love and Friendship. It is called Affection day in Guatemala and Lovers’ Day in Brazil.
In Denmark, couples take time to have a romantic dinner and send flowers to their special someone. In Finland, it is called Friends’ Day and commemorates not just the relationship of lovers but also of friends.
In Asian countries, Valentine’s Day is a day to show your love, affection, and appreciation to your special someone by showering her with gifts. A man gives flowers, chocolates and gifts to the woman he loves. However, in South Korea and Japan, women give chocolates to men on February 15. Men will give non-chocolate sweets to women on March 14. After a month, on April 14, those who received nothing on February 14 and March 14 have to eat black noodles to express grief for their single life.
In Australia, Valentine’s Day is a special celebration that Aussies never forget to celebrate. For Australians, it is not just a day to celebrate romantic love but also love between family members, friends, and colleagues. Theatre festivals and carnivals are commonly held on this special occasion and friends, lovers, and families participate together in such activities.

The tradition of giving Valentine’s Day cards is still observed in Australia. But giving of flowers and chocolates appear to be the most favoured tradition.

Popular Gifts to Give on Valentine’s Day

Many people instantly transform into their poetic and romantic selves when Valentine’s Day comes. Greeting cards are sent not just with the printed message on it but with a heartfelt, handwritten message from the giver. This is the time when people find the courage to express what they truly feel and put the feeling of love into words.

Along with a sweet message in the card is a sweet gift like chocolates or candies. The caffeine content in chocolates affects our serotonin levels which makes us more energized and “euphoric.”   And this happy feeling is commonly associated with love as in the famous saying, “ there is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.”

Still, some people express their love by giving other material gifts like jewelry and personal items that the person likes. And aside from expressing love through sweet messages, chocolates, and material stuff, love is also expressed through the beauty and charm of flowers.
Flowers’ delicate feature represents the delicate heart that we all have and how the feeling of love can be so nice and pleasant yet love itself is sensitive and complicated. Flowers remain to be the most popular Valentine’s Day gift anywhere in the world.

Top 5 Most Common Types of Flower Given on Valentine’s Day

And being the top gift choice for Valentine’s Day, flower shops all over the world rejoice as they become truly busy on this wonderful occasion. Florists already know what customers want and they stock on these items to make sure that everyone gets something for their loved one. Take a look at our list of the most common flower given on Heart’s Day.
  1. Rose. Undeniably, the richness and splendor of roses are very expressive of romantic love. Its classic beauty is truly timeless and could express your timeless adoration and appreciation of your loved one’s beauty, both inside and out. Of course, the rose likewise symbolises your everlasting love.
  2. Daisy. Daisy is believed to be a symbol of innocence, loyalty and purity. A bouquet of vibrant daisies would make a perfect Valentine’s present to your wife to symbolise your loyalty, the pureness of your love, and your commitment to your marital virtues. 
  3. Tulip. This bestseller from Holland truly looks divine. This is for the ladies who want to stand out yet remain grounded. The sophisticated look of this flora never fails to capture the attention of both gift-givers and recipients.
  4. Lily.  A symbol of purity and tenderness, lilies are elegant flowers with large, prominent petals. They come in various shades including pinks and purples, reds, yellows and oranges and whites.  Lilies can also symbolise the nurturing quality of mothers making this flower the perfect Valentine’s Day present to give to the mother of your children. It is likewise symbolic of union that is why lilies are commonly used as wedding flowers.
  5. Orchid. This flower is perfect for the lady who loves adventure and challenge. This sexy and delicate flower exudes just the right balance of boldness and grace.
Unique Flower Gifts for Valentine’s Day

But since it is a day to celebrate your love and affection for your special someone, why not make extra efforts in preparing a very special flower gift?
Do away with the usual and give a unique flower arrangement to your loved someone. Why stick with the traditional and the common when you can express your extraordinary love in an extraordinary way? After all, your one and only deserves something that is unique to her, exclusive to her, and only for her.

Here are some of the enchanting flower varieties that are overlooked because most choose the more popular rose bouquet.

Daffodils or Narcissus. Some are more familiar with the common name Daffodils but others refer to these as buttercups because of their yellow colour and their teacup on a saucer shape. These lovely blooms from the Amaryllis family are truly eye-catchers with their happy and bright yellow or orange flower color. Giving this as a flower present sends the message of your promise not be Narcissus, that self-absorbed man from the Greek mythology. And as you give your word, read one of E.E. Cummings poetry aloud and vow never to forget love, loving, and how it is to be loved by your special someone.

Hyacinth. Hyacinths are fragrant bell-shaped flowers symbolizing loyalty. The blue ones in particular communicate sincerity and honesty. Hyacinth colours vary depending on variety and a bouquet of mixed colors will turn out to be a stunning beauty. Hyacinths flowers are commonly in white, soft-pink, yellow, carnation pink, blue-purple, blue, and maroon in colour but are also available in other shades.

Sunflower. Show how much sunshine she brings into your life and give a wonderful bouquet of sunflowers to your loyal fan, your devoted cheerleader, and the sun of your universe. Whether she is your mum, your grandmother, your sister, your daughter or your wife, that special woman will be grateful to know that you appreciate the joy and the positivity that she wants to bring into your life.

And if you really fancy a rose as a Valentine’s flower present, you can choose from over 100 rose varieties and skip the common hybrid tea rose. There is the fragrant Madame Isaac Pereire in its lovely deep pink colour. If you want to put more effort in your flower present, try your very best to find the exotically beautiful Maréchal Niel rose. And even with the simplicity of the 5-petal Carolina Rose, its good looks still speak volumes.

While most believe that there are certain flowers, like roses and daisies, that are more romantic than others, the message of love that you wish to communicate can still be expressed through other flora species. Why not focus on the reason behind your flower gift and bring it to life by choosing the right type of flowers, the perfect colour combination, and the presentation.

Flower Presentation  That Captures the Heart

Once you’ve selected the right kind of flower that suits the recipient, you can ask your local florist to help you with picking the right colours and arranging the whole ensemble.
Flowers for Valentine’s Day are commonly arranged in a bouquet. Flowers in a bouquet are arranged in a bunch and may be tied together or bound together with fancy paper. They make come with or without foliage, and with one type of flower or a variety of different flowers.
The nosegay or posy is a small flower bouquet like what the bride holds in a wedding. During the Victorian era, a small circular bouquet like the nosegay, called tussie mussie is exchanged by lovers as such is carefully arranged according to the symbolism based on the language of flowers.

Bouquets doesn’t come with vase or flower vessel and the recipient needs to cut the flowers when transferring it into a vase with water. Flowers arranged in a bouquet are easy to carry and deliver.

But nowadays, it is not uncommon to see flower gifts arranged differently. Some present flowers in a five-sided cube container to serve as a vase or in a mason jar.  Some opt to give flowers arranged in a basket because it has a bigger space that can accommodate more flowers.
Giving a single long-stemmed rose is still being observed today and is still considered very romantic. A single red rose promises devotion and loyalty and speaks about your commitment to love only one and that your special someone is The One.

Valentine’s Day Flowers at Lily’s Florist Wollongong

Here at Lily’s Florist Wollongong, we’ve prepared a variety of bunches, bouquets and arrangements for you to choose from. If you have a specific flower ensemble in mind, our expert local florists can help you create them. If you have no idea what to give, our professional advice can help you decide the best flowers for your special someone. Valentine’s Day is a day we all love and Lily’s Florist will do its best to extend to you the best possible service on this very special day.
Whether you want a grand flower basket, a classic arrangement on a box, a lovely bouquet or just a single flower, Lily’s Florist can craft it with love.

And remember, whatever gift you decided to give, what matters most is the idea of remembering the love that you shared.

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