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The Meaning Of Flowers
Allow love to flourish every time and send the gift of flowers even at the absence of celebrated occasions. Women, even the toughest and most demanding ones, melt at the gesture of sending or giving flowers. Perhaps it is because of the natural charm of blooms that every lady’s heart skips a beat at the idea of receiving flowers from someone.

Whether you are a secret admirer or the better half of the special woman in your life, you are sure to benefit from sending your lovely lady some fresh flowers. Your mom, your sister, or your special lady friend will likewise appreciate your sincere gesture of showing your care, appreciation and gratitude.

What Flowers Can Do

The gift of Mother Nature has always been magnificent. And plants, both the flora and foliage, never cease to bring pleasure and comfort to people all over the world. There are plant leaves that serve as food, herbal medication, and ornamental décor. Flowers, on the other hand, are used to make perfumes and some can be eaten too. Flowers with its enchanting beauty and charm can instantly lighten up a mood and uplift someone’s spirit. Both plants and flowers can brighten up a room.
Maybe because of the inexplicable charisma and appeal of flowers that people began attaching meanings to them. The Language of Flower, called Floriography, had its roots in Turkey when an obsession in tulips was evident in the court in Constantinople.  The idea was then introduced in Europe and then in France in 1830. A dictionary of floriography was written by Louise Cortambert in 1819 and publishers from Belgium, Germany and America showed interest and eventually produced editions of it during the 19th century.

The book then captured the interest of many writers and flower enthusiasts and it became their inspiration to further produce books about the language of flowers.
In literature, we can see how flowers and its symbolic meanings were incorporated in different literary works including Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets and Emily Bronte’s writings.

Communicating Through Flowers 

In our desire to help you express your thoughts and feelings through flowers and send flower presents that are true representations of your emotions, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular flowers and the message they convey.
Alstroemeria – friendship, devotion
Amaryllis – radiant beauty, pride and determination
Aster – symbol of love, talisman of love
Anthurium - hospitality
Baby’s breath – pureness of heart
Bird of Paradise – faithfulness
Black Eyed Susan - Justice
Blue bell – gratitude
Calla Lily – magnificent beauty
Camellia – admiration and gratitude
Carnation, general – devoted love
Carnation, pink – gratitude
Carnation, white - remembrance
Chrysanthemum, general – cheer, abundance, love
Chyrsanthemum, white – truth
Chrysanthemum, yellow – secret admirer
Crocus – gladness
Daffodil – unrequited love, respect
Dahlia – elegance, eternal love
Daisy – innocence, loyalty, purity and beauty
Dandelion – faithfulness
Delphinium – big-hearted
Everlasting – never ceasing memory
Forget Me Not – true love, memories
Freesia – innocence and tryst
Gardenia – “You’re lovely,” secret love, purity
Geranium – friendship
Gerbera – innocence
Gladioli – generosity and sincerity
Heather – admiration and well wishes
Hibiscus – delicate beauty, consumed by love
Honeysuckle – bond of love, eternal love
Hyacinth – consistency
Hyacinth, purple – sorry, apology
Hydrangea – “Thank you for understanding”
Iris – passion, promise of love, hope
Ivy - friendship
Jasmine – attachment, sensualty
Lavender – love and devotion
Lilac – beauty, youthful innocence
Lily, white – purity
Lily, orange – desire, passion
Lily of the Valley – sweetness, humility
Lotus – estranged love
Magnolia – perseverance and nobility
Marigold – sacred love, affection
Morning Glory – affection
Moonflower – dreaming of love
Moss -  maternal love
Narcissus – stay as sweet as you are
Orange blossom – eternal love, marriage
Orchid – mature charm
Pansy – messenger of love
Peach blossom – “I am your captive”
Peony – happy marriage, compassion
Periwinkle – memories
Petunia – “Your presence soothes me.”
Plumeria – new beginnings, perfection
Poinsettia – good cheer, success
Poppy – oblivion and imagination
Poppy, yellow – wealth and success
Primrose – “I can’t live without you.”
Ranunclus – “I am dazzled by your charm.”
Rose (general) – love
Rose, coral – desire
Rose, lavender – enchantment
Rose, orange – fascination
Rose, pink – secret love, grace, perfect happiness
Rose, dark pink – gratitude, love
Rose, red – respect, passion, “I love you.”
Rose, white – innocence, purity
Rose, yellow – jealousy, friendship
Rose, without thorns – love at first sight
Rosebud – beauty and youth
Rose, single full bloom – “I truly love you”
Snapdragon – gracious lady
Snowdrop – hope and consolation
Sunflower – pure thoughts
Sweetpea – blissful pleasure
Tulip – fame, perfect lover
Tulip, red – declaration of love
Tulip, yellow – “There’s sunshine in your smile”
Tulip, pink – caring
Tulip, white - forgiveness
Violet – modesty, virtue, affection, faithful love
Violet, blue – faithfulness
Violet, white – “Let’s take a chance”
Windflower – sincerity
Wisteria – welcome
Zinnia – lasting affection
Zinnia, white – goodness
Zinnia, yellow – daily remembrance
Aside from attributing meaning to flower variety, meaning is also associated on the colour of the flower.
Red flowers depict romance while purple ones connote falling in love. Coral and orange are believed to be a signal of desire. Pink flowers mean gratitude and appreciation and light pink flowers show admiration and sympathy. Peach may mean sympathy or gratitude. Yellow expresses friendship, joy, and platonic love. White typically conveys sincerity and humility.
Flowers and Astrology
Even with astrology, flower meanings are associated with the personality linked with each star sign.
Those born under the sign Aries are believed to be passionate and enthusiastic with their endeavors hence red roses, tulips and amaryllis are considered to be Aries people’s flowers.
Taurians who are home-loving and conventional will delight upon receiving flowers such as lavender, aster, sweet pea and lily of the valley.
Those under the sign of Gemini who are seen to be intellectual and talkative will appreciate daffodils , lily of the valley and cactus.
People born under the water sign Cancer are typified as secretive and protective and flowers like delphinium, cornflower, iris, and hydrangea would please them.
Leos are characterized to be extrovert yet faithful hence sunflowers, marigolds, gerberas, dahlias and crotons are perfect for them.
Practical Virgos would choose chrysanthemums, eucalyptus and violets and those bright and small flowers.
People born under the Air sign Libra are seen as romantic and diplomatic and their flowers include gardenia, freesia, orchid, and the popular tea rose.
 Those born under the sun Scorpio is seen as sensual and determined and their flowers include peony, hibiscus, gerberas, and of course dark red roses.
Sagittarians’ strength and love for exploration is evident in the flowers that symbolise them -  the iris and lavender roses.
People born under the Capricorn zodiac sign are known to be disciplined and stable hence African Violet is the perfect flower for them.
The insightful, independent  and loyal traits of Aquarians on the other hand are characterised by the lovely and graceful orchids and birds of paradise.
And lastly, Pisceans who are seen to be reactive, understanding, compassionate and patient would delight upon receiving narcissus, lilac, jasmine, and lily flowers.
When To Buy Her Flowers

Indeed, flowers look charming, enchanting, and expressive enough to communicate people’s thoughts and feelings. Emotions and thoughts that cannot be put into words can now be easily expressed through the gift of flowers.
So if you did something wrong, messed up and made her upset, send her flowers and see how the lovely blooms can help lighten up the mood and bring you your forgiveness. Just make sure you choose the right flowers that can help tone down anger; choose her favorites or stick with her favorite color. Send the flowers to her office and the attention your delivery will receive will certainly make her feel wonderful.
Sending flowers spontaneously is also as heartwarming. Even when there is no special occasion to celebrate, send your lady some flowers to remind her that she is always in your thoughts. This is the time to surprise her with something new so you can give exotic blooms or flower varieties that she does not usually see or receive.
It doesn’t matter if you’ll give her a dozen or just one long-stemmed piece. What will matter more is the attention you put into the gesture. When sending a bouquet, remember to be creative with your message as well. You’re showering her with lovely blooms so might as well shower her with kind, loving, and touching words.

Flowers, Friendship and Sympathy

Needless to say, flowers are not just for romance purposes. Flowers can also communicate friendship and gratitude as well as sympathy.
Flowers may be given to show appreciation to someone who did well in school or to someone who survived an academic, medical or personal battle.  
Of course there is the Mother’s Day celebration where flowers are the perfect gift for our mums. The elegance, the richness, and the evocative characteristic of flowers are truly symbolic of the grace and the nurturing quality of mothers.
Flowers are also given to extend our sympathy to those who lost their loved ones. Flowers have that soothing and comforting element that reminds people of positivity and hope. Maybe because it is a natural element of the earth, the blooms symbolise life and the richness of our existence. Offering flowers to express our condolences shows that we wish the bereaved family well and support, relief, and love are around even when words are not spoken.

Express Yourself Through Flower Delivery 

And that is why Wollongong Florist Shop continues to exist: we want to be the one to help you express your thoughts and feelings. We offer a range of flower arrangements and products as well as flower delivery services to help you get your message across. Whether you need a dramatic bouquet that expresses your regret and request for forgiveness, or a vivid arrangement that can instantly brighten up a dismal mood, Wollongong Florist Shop can prepare it for you.

We also have specialty flowers perfect for Mum’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and Birthdays. Our expert florists can customise arrangements for you and help you select the flower varieties that best correspond to your emotions or message.  Ordering is convenient and easy with our comprehensive, safe and secure website. You can also order by phone and enjoy same-day delivery when you place your order before 2pm.

Show what you mean through the captivating beauty of flowers and let Wollongong Florist Shop deliver your message.