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The Joy of Sending Flowers

When giving a gift, it is said that it is not how big and expensive it is, rather, it is the thought that counts. However, with flowers, both the thought and the act itself of giving or sending flowers count. The joy of sending flowers lies in the knowledge that not only will the recipient know that he/she is special to you, but also everyone else around them will know that someone truly cherishes them as is evidenced by the flowers.

From days of old, flowers played many great roles as varied as being used as symbols of love to being used for medicinal purpose. One thing still remains the same; flowers are very symbolic and are used to send messages that even words cannot.

The Victorian era is when sending flowers became ‘the new thing.’ In particular, roses were very common and they were greatly loved by women. Sending flowers became an integral part of courtship. Young men who showed up with a bouquet of roses at a girl’s home were considered well cultured by the girl’s parents. Young men used flowers to get props from the young women they were wooing while the older married men used flowers to reconcile with their wives or better yet to show appreciation for their better halves.

Another great use of flowers in this era was ornamental. It was considered extremely fashionable to pin flowers on your hair or hat for the women. Socialites spent a lot of money and time to ensure they looked their best especially for the introductory dances and important events that saw these young women brush shoulders with dukes, lords, princes and even the king himself. Flowers were a great symbol of wealth and as a result, the bolder you looked, the more points you scored on the wealthiest scale.

Sending flowers was also a great part of the Egyptian culture. Flowers here had many purposes. Not only were they used for decoration and adornment but they were also used to make perfumes and oils and they were also used in burial ceremonies to bid a special and final good bye to the deceased. Different flowers had different uses. Roses and lilies were used for decoration, when combined with ivy and parsley; they would be used to create lotions that were used on special occasions such as preparation of a young bride for his groom to ensure her skin was silky smooth.

During burial ceremonies, Egyptians weaved special wreathes that would be placed on top of the corpse in the tomb. The person involved in creating and sending the flowers was considered a very artistic and gifted person and was very valued in society as he was everyone’s go to guy whenever there was a special occasion or whenever one wanted to infuse a more natural décor in his/he’s home or even when a lad had set his eyes on the ladies.

Like the Egyptians, Romans also were involved in sending flowers. They added a little twist by mixing the flowers with natural herbs such as bay leaves depending on what the occasion was. Favourite roman flowers were roses, violets, honeysuckle and lilies. The joy of sending one these flowers lay in knowing that ninety per cent of the time you could use this gesture to get what you wanted. As flowers were associated with a lot of luxury, offering a tastefully done bouquet of flowers to a person in high power like the king or one of his men would guarantee you a spot in his court. Romans are also known for their passion and what greater way to express one’s passion than to send a big heart of red roses?

Flowers were also a great part of the Greek day to day life. Grecians are famous for their exquisite fashion sense, artistic prowess as well as great love for the finer things in life. Almost all households of the middle to upper class Grecians had a vase of fresh flowers, needless to say that florists there had a booming business all year round.

To add to that, sporting events was another arena where flowers got to be showcased. Winners of the various sporting events were literally crowned with flowers and also handed wreathes of flowers. As the Greeks were famous for the many wars they conquered and they also used flowers as part of their celebration and also to honour the brave men who went to war. The classic adornment was a wreath that was given to the bravest of soldiers.

In China, flowers were mostly used for medicinal purposes therefore the joy of sending flowers lied in spreading good health to the people one cared about. Flowers were also an integral part of religion. Flowers would be cut, placed in vases and then placed at the altar of worship. Different flowers held different meaning. The peach, bamboo and pear trees symbolized long life and were therefore very common. Pomegranate, tiger lily and orchids symbolized fertility and were therefore very commonly used by women of child bearing age. The most revered flower however was the peony. It was a symbol of great wealth, leadership and fortune.

In Europe, the first people to really appreciate flowers were the monks. They grew a wide variety of flowers and herbs in their monasteries and they mostly used them for religious and medicinal purposes.  However, with time this practice spread to Italy where flowers were greatly appreciate for their aesthetic appeal. His is where flower arranging really took root. Special containers were made to accommodate these very special plants. Gold, silver, bronze, marble and glass were the most common materials used. The brighter the vases, the more cash they fetched. Flowers, fruits and leaves were arranged in a very tasteful way and were even used as ceiling decoration and not confined to ceremonies only.

I dare say that the art of sending flowers marked the beginning of a great art revolution as floral arrangements gave painters a new perspective aside from human, animal and scenery portraits that they were famous for.

As we have seen how flowers have been used in the past, send a basket of flowers and get the first hand feeling of the joy of sending of flowers. The great thing about flowers is that there is a flower for every occasion and mood that exists. Whether the person you want to send to is all giddy with excitement or blue with sadness, there is always a perfect flower to send. Remember, nothing says ‘I love and care about you’ louder than a basket or bouquet of flowers.

Take a little time to learn the perfect flowers for certain occasions; for example, nothing says thanksgiving best than a basket of orange roses that are juxtaposed with purple flowers as they channel colours of fall and for Christmas; make a basket of red roses mixed with some carnations.

If you are newly dating and don’t know what gift to get your partner that is going to be just right and not be too much or too less, you guessed right, the perfect gift are flowers.  A gift of flowers shows that you are not a shallow person and are in tune with nature.

A special gift to the woman responsible for bringing you to this earth and taking care of you to the man you are now surely deserves a great basket of flowers. Do this and experience the greatest joy on earth when you see the beautiful glimmer in your mummy’s eyes.

A great way to surprise someone you care about on their birthday is by sending a really beautiful bouquet or basket that is unsigned to their doorstep and another one to their office desk. Watch them all day trying to figure out who sent them the flowers and afraid to ask you in case it is not you who sent them the flowers and afraid you may overreact in case it is really not you who sent them. Do not give even a hint of a sign that the flowers are from you and when there is like an hour left to the end of the day, give them two flowers, each from the bouquets or baskets you sent and go like, “baby, how did you like the flowers?”

Ever asked you why flowers are used to mark important ceremonies such as birthdays, weddings and funerals? It is because in every case whoever is involved is someone we care about. A birthday symbolizes the introduction of a new life into the earth. Flowers are a sentimental representation of nature. On weddings, two hearts are joined to become one and in this way nature ensures that the two bodies that have been joined together are also able to create a new life together. Flowers symbolize life, fertility and love. Funerals on the other hand mark the end of life on earth and the start of a new life. Flowers are a great way to show rebirth of the life that has been lost and also to mark the return of one to nature.

However, do not be confined to what I have just mentioned. Sending flowers should not be limited to important life events. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you are special in someone else’s eyes that he or she  can randomly send you flowers simply because they care and cherish you and not just on your birthday. The act of sending flowers is one great way to teach kids about happiness and a random act of kindness. The best way to do this is by buying your child flowers and giving them to him or her and taking them to a sick person in hospital who is seldom visited. This way you will have taught your child the act of compassion. Children’s minds are like plain canvases and should be filled with the really important stuff in life and the best way to instil this is by teaching them about nature and using it to bring joy to others.

You may have sent flowers to all the people you care about but you have forgotten two people, God and yourself. As flowers are used to portray messages of love that words themselves cannot express, it is important to relay to the higher power that He is greatly loved and appreciated. Another person who is more often than not forgotten is the self. You sacrifice so much for the sake of others it is about time you did it for thine own self. You know that you are special and that you love yourself. Why not buy yourself a great basket of flowers and toast to that the next time you are out with friends.

The joy of sending flowers does not lie on the fact that you know you spent some considerable amount of money on someone special, rather it lies in knowing you have spoken in a language that is understood better than any words, that you have touched someone’s heart and that you have brought more than a smile on someone’s lips. Kings used flowers on their queens, princes on their princesses and you are now using them too. That should tell you that you are a cut above the rest. Make it a habit to send at least a flower to someone you do not know, say a sick patient who is seldom visited by his or her family or hand it to a stranger sitting alone at the park and I guarantee you will experience a joy known as the ‘flower sender’s joy.’ Share a little piece of heaven by sending flower(s).