Terms & Conditions Pages - For Your Information


For those that are curious about our business, delivery times around Wollongong and also generally just where you stand when it comes to our terms and conditions we have created this page just for you.

Delivery Times

Wollongong florist shop offers a same day flower and gift delivery service to the area from Monday to Saturday every week in the year unless either of these days fall on a public holiday day.

All flower orders made either from our website or via calling the shop will incur a $12 delivery fee. If extra delivery is required we will subsidise up to a certain amount, however there are some instances where extra delivery may be required.The best way to illustrate this is by the example of say you deliver flowers going to a certain address like a hospital and the patient has already checked out, in this case we would need to charge you an extra delivery fee. The same goes for you if you enter the wrong information into the checkout and we deliver the flowers to the wrong address, we will bring the flowers back to the shop but we will need to charge you an extra delivery fee. There may also be rare occurrences where you have ordered to a delivery address in the area that is outside of our regular $12 delivery zone, in these rare cases we may need to charge you slightly more for delivery, however we will do this only after we had spoken to you first of all.

Flowers that are ordered for same day delivery going to someone's home address may be delivered up until 7 p.m. of that day. Whilst this is rare it may happen during peak periods like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

Flower orders that are going to local businesses in the area may be delivered up until 5 p.m. the day the flowers were ordered.

We do not guarantee delivery times except for if the flowers are going to a funeral service.

If you have ordered flowers and their delivery address is going to a rural property on the outskirts of Wollongong we cannot guarantee delivery.

We cannot deliver flowers to post office boxes.

You cannot buy alcohol without first adding flowers to your shopping cart, alcohol with flowers can only be purchased as a gift and can only be purchased by persons over the age of 18 years old. Our delivery drivers reserve the right to ask the recipient of flowers that contain alcohol as a gift for identification or proof of age.

Our general cut off time for same day flowers is 2 p.m., if you order flowers after this time they will be delivered the day after just as soon as we can. Our cut off time for Saturday delivery is 10 a.m., if you order flowers anytime after this the flowers will be delivered on Monday at the earliest possible time.


If you are ordering flowers on our website you can pay either with visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal. All these payment options require you to pay a very small credit card surcharge which is usually no more than around $0.70 depending on the value of your order. The fees for paying with credit cards and PayPal can be seen on the checkout page.

If you have placed an order from our website or by calling us you do have the right to cancel the order however it must be done at least giving us enough time to cancel the order. If the order has already been given to our courier we have no option but to maintain the charge.

Changing Flowers

We stock a large variety of fresh seasonal flowers that I bought both from the markets locally and brought down from Sydney. However due to seasonal influences some of the flowers that you see attached to our products may be out of stock. From time to time we may need to replace one flower with another due to these reasons, this is standard practice for florists in the area, but we will never ever replace a flower with a cheaper flower. If for some reason we are out of roses we will never substitute a rose with another flower, we will only substitute roses for other coloured roses and if we need to we will give you a call to discuss the options.


If you feel that the flowers that were delivered to your friend or loved one we're not what you were expecting you have the right to contact us regarding this. However please be aware that you must contact us within 24 hours of the flowers being delivered and we must also receive at least two pictures of the flowers so that we can assess the issue. We will get back to you regarding the outcome within 48 hours of receiving that information. Generally speaking we like to come to a mutually beneficial resolution which may mean delivering more flowers or some type of discount on your next purchase or partial refund.

If you feel that there are still unanswered questions here you are most welcome to give us a call to discuss the issue.