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This annual tribute in honor of mothers is truly an intimate occasion that we must not forget to celebrate. Mother’s Day is a day where we are given the chance to give back and show our appreciation to the one person who devoted half of her life putting our safety, comfort and overall well-being as priorities.

How It All Started: The History of Mother’s Day

How and why we celebrate Mother’s Day today had its roots from the efforts of Anna Jarvis, the recognised founder of Mother’s day in the United States. But even before she campaigned for a special day to honor the contributions of a mother to the life of a child, motherhood was recognized and given a special mark of respect and appreciation.

The celebration of mother’s unconditional love for her children dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans where the latter celebrates an annual spring festival in honor of Rhea, the Mother to the Olympians, while the former holds a festival to honor The Great Mother, Cybele. Although their manner of celebration is completely different from what we do today, we share the same cause of celebration and that is to pay tribute to how a mother tends to her offspring’s needs.

The Mothering Sunday celebration of the Christians in Europe during the 16th century also shows how the people valued maternal love and the need to recognize the love from our family. People began to return to the main church or the cathedral or the mother church in their area.

Servants were given a day off to be with their mothers and their family to go to the church. At that time, young people work as household servants and on their day off, they would pick wild flowers to give to their mothers. Only during this time that families come complete to give thanks and praise to their Creator.

But during the 1920s, the tradition trailed off in continental Europe. Through the efforts of Constance Penswick-Smith, Mothering Sunday Movement was revived and by 1950s, the occasion is annually celebrated throughout the UK.  Although this is not completely similar to the celebration we commemorate today, this is another proof that people took efforts to give recognition to mothers.

Now, we pay tribute to the sacrifices and the love of our maternal parent just like how Anna Jarvis paid honor to her deceased mother. From her initial efforts in 1907 to her small success in 1909 where forty five states observed Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis never stopped in bringing recognition to the life of a mother. She then gained her absolute victory in 1914 when US President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday of May as a national holiday to commemorate Mother’s day.

The Celebration: How and When Mother’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

Mother’s Day is now a celebrated occasion in many countries including US, UK, India, Italy, Australia, China, Belgium, and Philippines.

Most countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of the month of May. Among the many countries that observe this date as Mother’s day are:
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bahamas
  • Bangladesh
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United States
Some countries celebrate it on a fixed date:
  • March 3 in Georgia
  • March 8 in Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania
  • April 7 in Armenia
  • May 10 in Mexico
  • May 26 in Poland
  • June 01 in Mongolia
  • December 22 in Indonesia
The manner of celebration likewise varies although the giving of gifts to mothers is quite common. Some families organize a special day for Mum where they dine-out, go on a picnic, go to the movies or take a vacation. Handmade gifts and cards are commonly given by young children.

Some food establishments give discounts or gifts to Mums who will dine on their restaurant on this special day. Shopping malls in some countries hold a special sale to allow Mums to treat themselves to shopping. Aside from personal gifts and flowers, chocolates are also a common gift.

At this time of the year, even the media and the general community take efforts in spreading and recognizing the value of a maternal parent in the family. Stories about mothers are being shown in the television and are publicized in magazines and newspapers. 

In Australia, the tradition of giving gifts to mothers is observed. From tradition, the flower chrysanthemum is given to mothers primarily because it is in season and because the last syllable of the flower’s name is associated with mothers as “mum” is a common term of endearment for mother.

Flowers as Top Gift Choice for Mother’s Day

Mothers being females perfectly correspond to this dainty and feminine element of nature – flowers. A lady truly blooms once she experiences motherhood. Blossoms being pictures of health perfectly represents how a mother keeps the family healthy, thriving and flourishing. The sight of flowers, just like the presence of a mother, brightens up a home and lightens burdens.

Flowers are also considered to be the symbol of purity and mothers have the purest of intentions when it comes to the well-being of the family.

As started by the recognized founder of Mother’s Day in the US, Anna Jarvis wore her mother’s favourite flower which is the carnation to keep herself reminded of the love of her maternal parent gave her. Carnations then began to be the traditional Mother’s Day flower in the US. But then carnations are not widely available in all parts of the world and Mother’s Day is celebrated at different seasons across the globe, flowers in general became the symbolism and the top gift choice for mothers on their special day.

Flowers are given to mothers of all type and form: from biological mothers to stepMums, to guardians and foster mothers and to close family friends who are mothers. Flowers are given as a sign of appreciation and recognition to everything a mother did for her husband and children and for the community. The aim of the flower gift is to bring a smile to her face, to show her how you appreciate her beauty and her grace, and to show her how you, her child, has blossomed into the person you are today because of her.

Which Type of Flowers Are Best for Mother’s Day

There is actually no norm in giving flowers as gifts. As long as it comes from the heart and with the intention to make the recipient happy, flower of any species, of any amount, of any price, will make a great gift.

But if you wish to observe what Floriography or the language of flowers says, you can consider the following flower species as part of the flower arrangement that you will give to your mother.

The flower Lily Day is considered to be a Chinese emblem for mothers. The Orchid is also a Chinese Symbol for many children and would fit an arrangement suited for a mother with many offspring. Dark pink roses symbolises thankfulness and a bouquet of full bloom ones expresses gratitude. Moss speaks about maternal love and flax species is a domestic symbol. Tulips symbolises new life and that means you being brought into the world by your mother.

The most popular flowers for Mother’s Day flower arrangement are carnations, daffodils, tulips, freesia, roses, irises, lilies and pot chrysanthemums. But of course, you can forego meaning and popularity and choose your mother’s very own favourite.

And while Mums deserve the appreciation and the recognition, remember that it isn’t the grandiosity of your gift that will matter to her most. Our mothers deserve more than the most expensive flower species in the world. Mothers deserve our respect, our obedience, our undying affection, our unconditional love, and our genuine interest to care for them.

The fact that mothers spend half of their lives caring for their children makes the one-day Mother’s Day celebration not enough to show our appreciation for them. So why not celebrate your appreciation and gratefulness for your mother anytime you remember her? Sending her flowers, even just a single piece of rose, is enough to keep her reminded of your indebtedness. Send her one when you come across a grandmother at the grocery. Bring her one after you visit a friend who has just given birth. Send Mum a bouquet on Valentine’s Day, on her birthday, on Christmas. Give her a flower present on your graduation day as a way of saying thank you for sending you to school, for helping you practice writing and counting when you were young.

Flower shops offer a lot of flower arrangements that are readily available to be given as a special gift. They have delivery services that you can take advantage of if you are really busy with school or work. Ordering is convenient and may be placed online or through phone. Along with the flowers, you can send special gifts such as chocolates and gift hampers as well as your personal message.

You don’t have to wait for the month of May to celebrate Mother’s Day. Make everyday your mother’s special day by expressing how much you love her consistently, whether through words or actions.