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Noted as one of Australia’s most liveable regional cities south of Sydney, Wollongong borders the southern suburbs of Sydney, while the Illawarra Escarpment and the Pacific Ocean stretch south along the coast. 

The name “Illawarra,” has been interpreted as either a ‘pleasant place,’ or an ‘echidna.’ The name of “Wollongong,” apparently comes from the Aboriginal meaning ‘south coast,’ or referring to the shape of the headland. 

The original inhabitants were the Dharawal Illawarra Aboriginal clans, who reportedly have been in the region for around 30,000 years. However, any evidence of previous occupation has been destroyed by sea level change. Substantial sources of food for the Aborigines came from Tom Thumb Lagoon, Lake Illawarra, and the Coomaditchy Lagoon. 

Early Europeans entered the Wollongong/Illawarra region around the 1800s, and when Governor Lachlan Macquarie stopped at Illawarra in 1822, a mob of approximately 100 Aborigines confronted his party. Nevertheless, as more European settlers began to inhabit the region extra pressure was placed on the Aboriginal use of land, and the borders between different groups. 

There appeared to be little evidence that there was any noticeable hostility to the settlers, apart from targeted raids on farms which were brutally defended. 

Although the Dharawal Aborigines occupied the area, the official ‘discovery’ has been claimed as April, 1770, when Captain James Cook sailed into the shores of Illawarra at “Red Point.” Not being able to make landfall, Matthew Flinders and George Bass came ashore in their boat the ‘Tom Thumb.’ In due course, George Bass located coal at Coal Cliff, Wollongong. 

Guided by Aborigines, Charles Throsby entered the region in 1815 and erected a hut and stockyard close by what is now known as Smith Street, Wollongong. Using an existing Aboriginal trail from Bulli Mountain, Throsby gained access to a freshwater lagoon. 

From Charles Throsby’s entry into the area, other colonists followed, and a settlement was claimed as Wollongong in 1816. An early grant was dated 1817. 

Still interested in history? Well, you can take time to enjoy the many museums in Wollongong, displaying the first settlement, coal mining, motor transport, and even the enhancement of different cultures. 

The Illawarra Museum offers a highly revealing and enjoyable awareness into the earliest section of Wollongong’s history. As you witness each room, you will be transported back in time with the showcasing of artefacts from the past. And the oldest enduring commercial building in the area is the Court House, just a walking distance from the museum.

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